Sampling in PostgreSQL

Sometimes there are situations when you need to select a certain number of random entries from the table. Since version 9.5, this feature has appeared. Using TABLESAMPLE, you can not select all the data from the table, but only some of them. Synopsis: SELECT […] FROM table_name TABLESAMPLE sampling_method ( argument [, …] ) [ ….Read more

16 June 2017 by 96 0

PostgreSQL 9.6.2 Release Notes in Hebrew

As part of PostgreSQL documentation translation into Hebrew project I’m proud to announce about PostgreSQL 9.6.2 Release Notes translation process completion. The Hebrew Notes are available on link. Comments are welcome. I will continue posting the translation project progress.

26 March 2017 by 16 0

The first pgDay in Israel

pgDay Israel 2017, the first event of its kind in Israel fully dedicated to PostgreSQL, was held at Google Campus Tel Aviv on March 2. The event was run by PostgreSQL Israel Community . The event raised great interest among high-tech and security industries, and attended by more than 70 participants from a variety of domains, ….Read more

19 March 2017 by 16 0
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