PostgreSQL Log Shipping or when it’s advisable

Introduction Recently we were approached by one of our clients with an interesting task. The fact is that he has a large database, around 1.5 TB. He also has several standbys from this primary server. The main task is to get the opportunity to perform long analytical queries, and also to connect using ETL tools to the ….Read more

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Installing Ora2Pg and migration cost assessment

OVERVIEW To migrate the data from Oracle to Postgres, we using the utility Ora2Pg. Ora2Pg is a free tool used to migrate an Oracle or MySQL database to a PostgreSQL compatible schema. It connects your Oracle database, scan it automatically and extracts its structure or data, it then generates. Ora2Pg can be used from reverse engineering ….Read more

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PostgreSQL 10.1, 9.6.6, 9.5.10, 9.4.15, 9.3.20, and 9.2.24 released!

Corrective updates are available for all supported PostgreSQL branches: 10.1, 9.6.6, 9.5.10, 9.4.15, 9.3.20 and 9.2.24, which contain a batch of bug fixes, including fixes for problems that could lead to data corruption. The release of updates for the 9.3 branch will last until September 2018, 9.4 until December 2019, 9.5 until January 2021, 9.6 ….Read more

10 November 2017 by 88 0

PostgreSQL and Collation. What changed in PostgreSQL 10.

Introduction Not so long ago, one of our customers turned to us with problem. The fact is that PostgreSQL refused to use the index on the text field if you try to make a selection using regular expressions (LIKE/ILIKE and POSIX). Our colleagues wondered why Postgres does not use the index, because the database used the ….Read more

13 October 2017 by 79 0

The first PostGIS Meetup in Israel

About PostGIS PostGIS is an extension to Postgresql that implements the OpenGis standard. PostGIS follows the Simple Features for SQL specification from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). This extension contains extensive functionality for working with spatial data. This allows you to write interesting an useful applications. In particular, OpenStreetMap uses PostGIS to display its maps. It is also widely used in ….Read more

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