pgDay Israel 2018

by 20 February 2018


For the second time in Israel PostgreSQL enthusiast from all over the world join together to share their knowledge and experience with existing and/or potential developers and users of PostgreSQL. This year our company acted as one of the sponsors. PGDay.Israel  also supported the Holon Institute of Technology, as well as companies such as CyberTec, HPE and Kaplan Open Source.

The full list of talks accepted on the day of publication of the article is given on the conference website in the section “Program“. Here we only mention some interesting talks.

pgDay Israel 2018 will be held at Building 6 Auditorium of Holon Institute of Technology
Address: 52 Golomb Street, Holon

Welcome Notes

By the established tradition, the conference will be opened by the representative and ideological inspirers of the Israel PostgreSQL Сommunity Michael Goldberg and Emil Shkolnik. Emil and Michael have done a great job of popularizing PostgreSQL in Israel. It is thanks to them that the PostgreSQL International Conference is held on Israeli soil for the second time.

HIT President Greetings

Prof. Eduard Yakubov will make a welcoming speech. It is very good news that HIT helps to organize the Event of PostgreSQL in Israel.

Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL using Open Source tools

Mariel Cherkasski of Bezeq International will talk about the migration experience from Oracle to Postgres. Mariel would like to talk about a few migrations tools that helped him. Like ora2pg, orafce, oracle_fdw, pg_loader, pg_bulkdload the difficulties that he faced, and so on..

Professional PostgreSQL monitoring made easy with pgwatch2

Kaarel Moppel will introduces all levels of PostgreSQL monitoring and available tooling, together with the common problems that the popular monitoring approaches tools. To overcome some of the problems a relatively new Open Source tool called “pgwatch2” is introduced and explained in detail to offer the simplest possibly entry into exhaustive Postgres monitoring. Also discussed will be advanced topics like anomaly detection and alerting with help of the TICK stack and Grafana.

Tools and extensions of PostgreSQL that you must know

The open source world contains a huge variety of amazing and useful tools. For every problem there are several solutions and sometimes it is difficult to know what the ideal solution is. Yuval Mund and Adi Eliyahu will present several tools worth paying attention to when working with postgresql that can facilitate, improve, and enhance our work with it.

PostgreSQL High Availability Cluster for Enterprise

Lately, the PostgreSQL is more widely being used for Enterprise. Ingram Micro Cloud has been using PostgreSQL for many years as the main database for its products. Vadim Yatsenko and Sergey Kim will tell about the evolution of High Availability (HA) PostgreSQL cluster. They will tell about how quickly implemented the solution using pgpool-II, wrote failover scripts, tested Postgres-XL and etc.

Tutorial: Using JSON in PostgreSQL application programming

Together with Ivan Panchenko, we will discuss techniques for working with JSON for storing and retrieving data. Particular attention will be paid to the capabilities of JSON for data aggregation, and how to combine multiple queries into one using JSON.

NoSQL Postgres Roadmap

The new ISO/IEC 9075-2:2016 standard specifies JSON data and operations syntax and semantics specifics for SQL. Oleg Bartunov will talk overviews the requirements of this standard, and focuses on the differences between them and the actual implementation of JSON/JSONB in PostgreSQL. Special attention will be paid to JSON Path (XPath analogue), SQL/JSON functions and community plans to make Postgres compliant with this standard.


These are not all topics of the conference. Follow the news and announcements in the near future. We are sure that the conference will be very useful and interesting!


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