The first PostGIS Meetup in Israel

The first PostGIS Meetup in Israel

About PostGIS

PostGIS is an extension to Postgresql that implements the OpenGis standard. PostGIS follows the Simple Features for SQL specification from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). This extension contains extensive functionality for working with spatial data. This allows you to write interesting an useful applications. In particular, OpenStreetMap uses PostGIS to display its maps. It is also widely used in companies such as Uber, 2GIS and etc.


September 26 was the first PostGIS Meetup in Israel. We believe that this is a very important event, because PostGIS is one of the best GIS engines for DBMS, but few know about it in Israel.  The meeting was held at the Google Campus. Postgres Miktzoanim was the organizer and sponsor of the event. The meeting hosted two professionals in the development of geoinformation systems Darafei Praliaskouski and Lev Dragunov from Juno. They use PostGIS in their products, as well as other active participants in the PostGIS community. The first topic was to provide the basic knowledge about PostGIS to the audience.

The program

1. PostGIS 2.4.0 essentials, by Darafei Praliaskouski, Juno

Darafei Praliaskouski talking about what is PostGIS

Remember the basic knowledge

PostGIS 2.4.0rc2. Z order curve sorting

2. Designing a navigation engine using PostgreSQL, Lev Dragunov, Juno

Snap a GPS location of the vehicle to the predefined route.

Everybody listens very carefully to Lev Dragunov

3. The final part and a photo for memory

Photo for memory


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The PostgreSQL Israel Community and Postgres Professionals plan to continue organizing such meetings to share experiences. The development of the PostGIS expertise in Israel is a very important area.

Vadim Yatsenko
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