About Us

Postgres Miktzoanim, the official partner of Postgres Professional, provides PostgreSQL vendor services in Israel.

Beyond the regular consulting company capabilities we offer in-depth knowledge of the product entire processes and their dependencies, the ability to provide the resolution of the product based issues in the shortest period. We can develop any any required customer-based functionality that cannot be implemented using the conventional DB development tools as plugin or by making changes to DBMS kernel. Our excellent know-how is based on many years of experience in PostgreSQL management and designing high load production systems.

Our goal is to develop product expertise and promote the wide usage of PostgreSQL in Israel.

We are offering training courses for DB developers, administrators, and users. We initiated Postgres Hebrew localization by translating the official documentation and target to add it to the product release.

We founded PostgreSQL community in Israel, professional Telegram chat for quick issues resolution, and instantly promote it by open lectures in high schools and colleges.

We are the PostgreSQL Professionals