PostGIS Meetup

September 26 was the first PostGIS Meetup in Israel. We believe that this is a very important event, because PostGIS is one of the best GIS engines for DBMS, but few know about it in Israel.  The meeting was held at the Google Campus. Postgres Miktzoanim was the organizer and sponsor of the event. The meeting hosted two professionals in the ….Read more

26 September 2017 Tel Aviv

Hamakor. August Penguin 2017

Our company took an active part in the August Penguin 2017 conference. Oleg Bartunov (Major Contributor of PostgreSQL) made a presentation about PostgreSQL 10.0.

8 September 2017 Tel Aviv

pg Day Israel

  For the first time on March 2, 2017 at Tel Aviv pgDay Israel 2017, the first event of its kind in Israel fully dedicated to PostgreSQL, was held at Google Campus Tel Aviv on March 2. The event was run by PostgreSQL Israel Community . The event raised great interest among high-tech and security industries, and ….Read more

2 March 2017 Tel Aviv