Platform for FHIR-first Healthcare Apps

Aidbox is the backend development platform for your FHIR-first Healthcare Apps modern web and mobile healthcare applications, patient engagement solutions, telemedicine platforms, care coordination systems, healthcare data analytics products, cloud electronic health records, clinical data repositories, and more.

Aidbox gives you FHIR data storage with the power of SQL, RESTful FHIR APIs, an API Gateway, access control & security modules, terminology servers, subscriptions, cloud infrastructure, and an ecosystem of plugins to meet your unique healthcare application development needs.

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The Standard Of The Future

* The FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Specification is a standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically.
* Healthcare records are increasingly becoming digitized.
* As patients move around the healthcare ecosystem, their electronic health records must be available, discoverable, and understandable.
* To support automated clinical decision support and other machine-based processing, the data must also be structured and standardized.
* FHIR leverages existing logical and theoretical models to provide a consistent, easy to implement, and rigorous mechanism for exchanging data between healthcare applications.
* Developed by Health Level Seven International (HL7).
* HL7’s Version 2.x (V2) messaging standard is the workhorse of electronic data exchange in the clinical domain and arguably the most widely implemented standard for healthcare in the world.

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