Migration to PostgreSQL

Mitigate Risk. Evaluate Before You Migrate.

Evaluating your database prior to the initiation of a database migration is critical to provide an accurate idea upfront of what will be required to ensure a smooth transition without loss of data, unplanned downtime, or unexpected expenses. In addition to anticipating time requirements, a migration assessment can save your business money by allowing you to plan your time and resources in advance.


5 Good Reasons to get a Migration Assessment

1. Mitigate Migration Risk.Have a clear view of what the successful migration process for your database will entail at an early stage of the project; helping prevent a potential incomplete migration.

2. Identify Potential Blockers. Identify and plan for potential issues and/or dependencies that can be experienced during migration.

3. Estimate the Effort. Know the amount of work that is required before beginning the migration.

4. Estimate Costs. Financially plan for labor, any necessary hardware additions, and post migration training to avoid unexpected expenses.

5. Determine Appropriate Architecture. Ensure understanding of database mechanics, including how PostgreSQL handles data so the database can be designed accordingly.


What’s Covered?

Detailed Estimation of Effort Report. Details of the current system architecture and quantified estimation of the effort needed for migration including cost and time, and ROI.

Definition of best practices and guidelines. As an advantage of working with the world’s leading PostgreSQL experts your customized assessment includes suggestions based on first hand experience and knowledge.

Migration Plan. We work with you to provide a customized multi-phase migration plan based on our analysis of your database that includes a timeline and cost estimation. As leading contributors to the PostgreSQL project, 2ndQuadrant knows what is planned for the future of PostgreSQL and can customize your migration to accommodate these updates.

Identify Open Source Extensions. Either contrib or third party extensions that can help during the migration process.

Training Plan. We provide a customized training plan for all stages of the migration process (before, during, and after). This also allows our team to work better with the team that knows the application domain intimately.


Migrating from Oracle?

Contrary to popular belief, migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL is only about as expensive as upgrading from one Oracle major version to the next. Why stay locked in with huge expenses when you can migrate your database to PostgreSQL, which is free forever with unlimited usage.

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